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Check Out These Apartment Cleaning Hacks

Apartment life is a good life — it’s pretty much maintenance-free living with an opportunity to meet new friends, enjoy stellar amenities designed for the student lifestyle, take advantage of a great location to campus, and more. And then there are days when perhaps cleaning has been neglected for a bit due to studying or life in general, and you wish with a snap of your finger that space would magically be cleaner than ever! The reality is that there are some things you can routinely do to help tidy up your place — here are some creative apartment cleaning hacks you wish you would have known about sooner.

Citrus to the Rescue

Cleaning the tub is never fun to tackle, but if you’re looking for a way to clean and avoid chemicals at the same time, cut a grapefruit in half, sprinkle some salt on the open halves and on the tub surface, and scrub away! The acid in the fruit and the abrasiveness of the salt create a great natural cleaning product.

Microwave Messes

If a guest opened your microwave, what would their reaction be? Perhaps it’s that one area you keep forgetting, and over time, the buildup is just yuck. Try this nifty and quick-cleaning tip — fill a microwave-safe bowl of soapy water and microwave it on high for one minute. Pop open the door and safely take the bowl out, and then give it a good wipe down.

Blades of Glory

Ceiling fans are a wonderful convenience to keep a cool breeze going in the apartment, but what about that impressive dust collection that’s gathered over time? A duster just makes a mess and can also wreak havoc on allergies. Well, have no fear if an old pillowcase is near! Turn the fan off and slip the pillowcase over each individual blade, close the case opening with your hands and slide it off to pull the dust away.

Showerhead Grime

Have you ever stopped to take a look at the condition of your showerhead? If it needs a good cleaning, especially due to mineral deposits that build up over time, do these steps: Pour some distilled white vinegar into a plastic bag and place it around the showerhead. Secure it with a rubber band and let it stay submerged in the vinegar for about an hour. After removal, wipe it down with a damp cloth and you’re good to go. You may even notice that the water flows more smoothly.

Take Your Space Back

Believe it or not, sometimes all it takes to make an apartment feel cleaner is by rearranging some furniture to open the space up a bit. If applicable to your floor plan, rearrange a few pieces for more breathing space while keeping in mind to leave enough room for foot traffic. Don’t forget adding a mirror on the wall can give the appearance of a larger room, too.

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