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Resume Tips for College Students

Landing your dream job is no easy feat. Job application statistics reveal that, on average, 250 hopefuls vie for the same position. Pro tip: Focus on landing an initial interview before worrying about signing a contract. Let these resume tips for college students with no experience show you how.

Personalize Your CV

One of the most common mistakes recent graduates make is creating one curriculum vitae (CV) and sending it to multiple companies. If you really want a job, take the time to write a custom resume for it. Read the job description and write a bio that will match the requirements, including the intended position and relevant experiences. Doing so is the best way to stand out from hundreds of other applicants.

Write a Compelling Lead

The top of the page can make or break your chances of receiving an interview invite. If you want recruiters to give your CV more than a glance over, create a compelling lead. Before, resume-writing tips for college students included thinking of an objective statement. However, modern companies prefer a short paragraph that serves as a 30-second pitch.

Quantify Achievements

Whenever you can, use numbers to quantify your achievements. For instance, instead of saying you increased the sales of an e-commerce shop, say you increased revenues by 10% within one year as a marketing executive. Numbers make your accomplishments more impactful, which will surely pique hiring managers’ interest. Remember not to overdo this strategy and apply it only to critical components of your CV.

Include Keywords

Decision-makers don’t often have the time to read every detail on every resume. For your application to stand out, include keywords you found in the company’s job posting. Pattern your bio after the requirements and sprinkle keywords sparingly throughout the document. If the organization is looking for a worthy candidate who will “maintain the company’s social media presence across various digital platforms,” then use similar phrasing on your CV.


Any hiring manager sorting through dozens of resumes will not hesitate to remove poorly written ones from the pool of qualified applicants. Proofread your CV meticulously to spot capitalization, grammar, or spelling errors, and ask a friend to look it over, too. Don’t expect supervisors to invite you for an interview to ask about “getting fried from a previous job,” your “steaking skills,” or your “referees available upon request.” They will likely choose candidates with flawless applications.

Create the Perfect CV Now

Your journey toward professional success begins with one valuable page called a resume. If you want to land your dream job, part of it lies in creating the perfect one. Do you need more help writing the best possible bio? Visit (link) to take your CV-writing skills to the next level.