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Time Management Tips for College Students

Managing time efficiently is a critical skill every college student needs to master. College demands heavier responsibilities, from attending more advanced classes to taking exams to doing homework. At the same time, you have a life outside of school that needs just as much attention. Perhaps you have a job or are raising a family while attending university. As such, you must find the right balance to succeed in every aspect. Here are some of the best time management tips for college students.

Get Your Priorities in Order

Planning is probably the most effective and doable of all time management tips for busy college students. By listing your responsibilities, you have a concrete guide of what you need to accomplish. List your daily, weekly, and even monthly responsibilities. This way, you get to prioritize your tasks and focus on the more urgent ones. Similarly, you can save mental space by worrying less about non urgent things.

Follow a Routine

Once you have your priorities in order, consider establishing a routine to help you accomplish them. Suppose you have a big test in your schedule. You could establish a routine around that event by allotting time for studying in the weeks before the exam day. You could dedicate a few hours in the morning or night to study, depending on what time works best for you. With consistency, you will get used to following your routine and find that you have a better grasp of your time.

Eliminate Distractions

Following the schedule that you have prepared and your daily routines, which activities don’t fit? Are there unnecessary things you’re doing that eat up a lot of your time? You might have to make a few sacrifices to focus on the more important things. For instance, check your phone usage. Many phones have a screen time feature that allows you to see which apps you’re using and how long you’re using them for. If you find that you’re playing a gaming app for hours on end or you’re mindlessly scrolling through social media, you’ll know it’s time to set some limits.

Delegate Tasks

Remember that you aren’t alone in your college journey. As a college student, your top priority is your education. As such, you must dedicate a significant amount of your time to studying. See if you have a family member or a trusted friend you can count on to accomplish some tasks outside of your studies. If you have roommates, you could implement this strategy by taking turns doing chores.

Take Breaks

Out of all the tips for time management in college, resting might seem out of place. You might have convinced yourself idle time is time wasted. But you must remember that taking time for yourself isn’t a luxury — it’s an essential. After all, you are only human. You get exhausted and you need time to recharge before you have the energy to take on all your tasks for the day. Be sure to give your body and mind a break, especially when you’ve been active for hours nonstop.


Tips for managing time in college all boil down to knowing your responsibilities and pushing obstacles out of the way. Consider adopting the tips we illustrated in this blog post so you can use your time well and find greater success in college.